Nidra Naik is a writer of English prose and poetry. Being from the silver city of Cuttack, Odisha, she is one of the first Odiyas to pen down her work in English-fiction. Her first notable published novel titled, “The Bhubaneswar Times”, was published in 2013 by Leadstart Publishing Ltd. and has had mixed reviews from different media houses.
Belonging to one of the most prominent Oriya filmi families, she was also a freelance feature writer for an English daily in Bhubaneswar. In her leisurely hours, she loves to pet animals, sing, read and observe life closely.
She currently works and resides in Hyderabad with her husband, who she refers to as a terrific source of inspiration in all her stories!
Her second novel, “A Lot Like Love & Other Stories”, is a collection of six heart-wrenching, modern yet earthy stories, hailing from the neglected land of the east of India, Odisha.


Other works from her:

Nidra Naik